Adult Ministry
Men, Women, & Seniors
Abiding Savior seeks to carry out the process of Christian Discipleship by providing opportunity for individuals to be Knowing Christ as Savior, Growing in faith and love, and Going into the world with the gospel message. We seek to carry this out through a variety of means.
1.  Knowing - Equipping Classes

These are led by mature believers, gifted as teachers (Eph 4), who desire to encourage and challenge the congregation to rightly divide the Word of God. These classes take place on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.
2.  Growing - Small Groups

There are three types of small groups: Home Groups, Study Groups & Interest Groups. Home Groups focus on building biblical community, growing together in faith and love, and serving those around them. Study Groups focus more on the study and discussion aspect with less expectation on the doing life together and serving others (though they may do this as well). Interest Groups focus on fellowshipping and reaching out to others by gathering around a common interest. Many individuals will be part of several of these different groups simultaneously (i.e. Home Group twice a month and a Interest Group once a week).
3.  Going - Being on Mission

Going on mission will look very different depending upon age, gifting, and circumstances. For some this may be hanging out with your unbelieving friends, others serving the homeless, and yet others traveling to Haiti to serve. The purpose here is showing true love to others by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs. At the heart of being on mission is the gospel of Jesus Christ! While being on mission often happens in our daily lives, Abiding Savior also has identified many opportunities for serving both inside the church walls and outside the church walls.

4.  Special Events

Throughout the year we hold special events that seek to encourage, challenge, and build up the body of Christ. These events range from things such as men's and women's retreats, a mom's evening out, simulcast, and refreshing couples get-away.