Equipping Classes
Summer 2018

Authentic Christianity - JUNE 3 - JULY 29
Length: 9 Weeks    Facilitator: Pastoral Intern Chris Kumpula
Authentic Christianity argues that the Lutheran tradition embodies an expression of Christianity that can uniquely address the contemporary spiritual struggles of our postmodern day. But the Lutheran tradition does so not by making up some new approach to church and Christian life, but rather by offering something more catholic, more charismatic, and more evangelical. Authentic Christianity offers a visionary “Christianity of Christianities” that contains and comprehends the best of all Christian traditions, while also having a life of its own. Just as it sparked a Reformation of the Church five hundred years ago, Lutheran Christianity can do the same today. Join the discussion!  

Demystifying Bible Reading - JUNE 3 - JUNE 24
Length: 4 Weeks    Facilitators: Betty Jones
Do you find yourself reading your bible to only finish the chapter wondering what you were suppose to get from it? Or maybe you really want to read it but you are discouraged because you don’t understand what you’re reading?  Join the crowd.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, God doesn’t want it to be that way. God desires to use His inspired Word to speak to you on a daily basis and sustain you with it like He did Israel with Manna. If you want to understand what you are reading and take away practical truth for your daily life, then we invite you to join us for this four session class on reading and applying the Bible.

Think Like Jesus: A Biblical Worldview Laboratory - JULY 1 - JULY 29
Length: 5 Weeks     Facilitators: Dr. Don Bierle
A biblical Christian worldview is the framework for acting like Jesus, twenty-four hours a day, because we are thinking like Jesus. But how do we put on the mind of Christ? Where do we start? How will that be different than the way the culture around us thinks? What difference does it make? This class will establish a plan that should result in a transforming faith that expresses itself in wholesome living, in confident witness to a world with its bankrupt ideas and confused values, and the assurance of life after death.  


College & Young Adult Group - BASEMENT ROOM
The College & Young Adult group meets each Tuesday to talk, encourage, and build relationships. Some time is spent watching a video from the current series we are going through, and is then followed with discussion prayer. If you would like to see what the group is up to, they will often times coordinate plans via their Facebook Page. If you don't have Facebook, you can Click Here to fill out a form and we will contact you.


The Gathering (Youth Grades 6-12) - YOUTH ROOM
The Gathering meets on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45pm, and is a great opportunity for students to study God’s Word and build relationships with their peers and leaders. At The Gathering, we sing together, learn together, discuss together, pray together, and play together. Snacks and free-time provided after until 8:30pm.


OMEGA - Older Members Enjoying God’s Affection
We meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday every month. Join us for Bible study, prayer and great fellowship!