Haiti Ministry
Knowing, Growing, & Going in Haiti
Abiding Savior’s mission is Knowing the Savior and Making Him known. Our vision is that we would be a place where individuals are Knowing Christ as their Savior, Growing in Him, and Going into the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

A huge part of growing is to be willing to go where we can be used by God. To go into the world with the good news of Jesus takes many different forms, everything from going to work five days a week to traveling to another country and sharing the love of Christ through service and teaching. Abiding Savior’s ministry in Haiti is one such place the Lord has led us to go and serve.

So what do we do in Haiti? There are two primary areas we serve as a congregation:

Child Sponsorship - Abiding Savior has partnered with the ministry of Mission Haiti (link to website) to fully sponsor the children’s education at the rural school in Toussaint, Haiti (also known as "the Mountain School"). This sponsorship cost $100 a year for elementary children and $200 a year for High Schoolers. Your sponsorship gives the children a years worth of Christian education from Christian teachers, one meal a day during the school year, required books/material, and school uniforms. We know that the children being trained and equipped today are tomorrow’s leaders. Giving these children the gift of Christian education is a gift that has life altering implication on their lives, their families, and their country.

If you are interested in finding out more information or would like to sponsor a child, please contact Mission Haiti at  info@mission-haiti.org and let them know you are from Abiding Savior and would like to sponsor a child (or several) at the Toussaint school.

Short Term Mission Trips - A second area that Abiding Savior partners in with both Mission Haiti and the Haitian believers is our short term mission trips. These one week long trips take place 2-3 times each year with the goal of relationship building and teaching God’s Word through vacation Bible schools, teacher training, youth retreats, marriage conferences, and pastoral training. These trips are composed of 6-12 individuals ranging from 14-70 years old. We encourage all ages to attend: couples, parent, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and individuals. Our vision is to see a Haiti that is transformed by the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins. You likely feel unqualified to travel to another country and minister. But let me challenge you to consider two things. First, we are not called to be successful in ministry but to be faithful in being a witness to others of Jesus. Acts 1:8 is a promise from Jesus himself that as a believer you have been given the Holy Spirit to equip you and empower you to witness to his death and resurrection. Second, we often find that it’s the individuals that feel most unqualified that benefit most richly from these trips. It’s in our weakness that we most experience God’s graciousness and provision. I challenge you to prayerfully consider stepping out in faith and looking to God to provide the strength and confidence to bear witness to His Son.

We encourage each person in our congregation to prayerful consider how they can support the ministry in Haiti. Whether by praying for the teams and ongoing ministry, financially sponsoring the children at our school in Toussaint, supporting the teams that go down, or going yourself. How would God have you use your Time, Treasure, and Talents to serve your neighbor?

2018 trips:

Trip cost:
$1200-1500 (needs based scholarships available upon request)

If you would like to join the team on our upcoming missions trip to Haiti, please CLICK HERE to fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION form. 

For more information about the upcoming trips or financial assistance, please contact the church office.