Life Group FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Life Group FAQs
Do I have to be a member?
Nope! Whether you attend our church or not, we would love for you to join one of our Life Groups and be growing and maturing as a follower of Christ!

What can I expect?
Come as you are! Feel free to wear jeans, shorts, or even pajama pants! The point is to be comfortable. LGs usually meet in people’s homes, but some may meet at the church. Life Groups open in prayer, spend time talking about their current study, close in prayer, and spend time hanging out. Groups may have supper or snacks as part of their group time. Occasionally a Life Group may get together to grill out and play games, go bowling or to a ballgame, camp out, or get together for a fun Christmas party. It’s about growing as a believer and living life together.

What if my life is a mess?
We believe that we are designed for relationships and to be in community. Life Groups are an awesome place for you to celebrate joys together and grieve together during hard times. Life Groups are a safe place for you to wrestle with your questions and be loved and accepted no matter where you are in life.

How long do Life Groups meet for?
Our Life Groups meet weekly or every other week during our Spring semester (Feb – May) and Fall (Sept – Nov) semester. At the end of each semester group members can decide if they want to continue with that Life Group, try out another group, or if the group wants to split and create two Life Groups and add more people. Life Groups usually get together for 1.5-2 hours when they meet.

Can I invite Friends?
Each Life Group decides when they are ready to add more people. We encourage a culture of multiplication in order to provide more opportunities for people to join a Life Group. If you have two or three friends who are interested, you could start a Life Group – we’d love to talk to you about getting it going!

What about children?
Each Life Group determines how they are going to handle childcare. We have groups comprised of people who don’t have children or are empty nesters. Some groups have the children in the same room so they can experience a Life Group. Other groups may have the children in another room and let them play together while they meet. Some groups may have line up a babysitter at the house and everyone chips in some money, while other groups line up childcare on their own.

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