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The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Laodicea - The Lukewarm Church
Why the Cross Was Right
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Philadelphia - The Enduring Church
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Sardis - The Dead Church
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Thyatira - The Tolerant Church
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Pergamum - The Stumbling Church
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Smyrna - The Persecuted Church
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Ephesus - The Active Church
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Christ of the Church
The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Introduction
Esther: The Hidden God “The Great Reversal
Esther: The Hidden God “Opportunity”
Esther: The Hidden God “Providence”
Caring for Caregivers
Answering the Skeptic
Road Trip
Discovering a Worker’s Joy
Salt & Light
Who Cares?
Ruth: Kinsman Redeemer
Ruth: Excellence in the Ordinary
Ruth: Boaz & God’s Lovingkindness
Ruth: The Sovereignty of God
What Is the Work of the Holy Spirit?
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
The Secret of Contentment
Messy Families
How Does My Faith Connect to My Work?
Can I Trust the Bible?
What is the Good of Giving?
God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle
A Nobody is a Somebody
There is More to Life than Existing
Romans: Commendations and Greetings
Pray Like Jesus: The Lord’s Prayer
Romans: Things of Importance to Paul
Romans: The Sound of Freedom is Love
Romans: Mercy = Responsibility
Romans: Ordinary to Extraordinary
Romans: God Has a Plan
Romans: The Best News Ever!
The One to Look To
Romans: Stumbling Stone or Rock of Refuge?
Romans: Living in Certainty
Dying in the Curse, Living in the Promise
Romans: Set Free
Finding Comfort in a World That is a Mess
Romans: Faith Comes By Hearing
The Peace of Every Season
Romans: Results of Abounding Grace
Romans: Glorious Benefits
Romans: Grace Abounds
Romans: Faith Alone - Held Up & Lived Out
Leaves & Fruit
Romans: The Verdict
Family: Sinners Marrying & Raising Sinners
Ministering Hands
Romans: Fools
Romans: Faith Alone
Romans: Gospel Introductions
A Fork in the Road
The Story: The New Beginning
The Story: The Church
The Story: The Holy Spirit
The Story: The Savior
The Story: The Return
The Story: The Exile
The Story: The Kings & Prophets
The Story: The Judges
The Story: The Promised Land
The Story: The Wilderness Wanderings
The Story: The Law
The Story: The Exodus
The Story: The Chosen People
The Story: The Beginning to Life as We Know It
A Certain Cure for the Summertime Blues
Forget Me Not
As For You My Son, As For You My Daughter
Spiritual Birth
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - God’s Design for a Great Marriage
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - Being Human
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - Contentment in a World that is Discontented
The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - Discovering the Sanctity of Singleness
The Beauty of Gospel Community
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - Money: Who is in Control?
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - Family: Me, Mom, & Dad
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - Sexuality According to Design
Crossroads: Christians & Culture - The Word of God
Resolutions You Can Keep: The Next Step
Resolutions You Can Keep: I Will Tell
Resolutions You Can Keep: I Will Participate
Resolutions You Can Keep: I Will Listen
Ya Gotta Make the Play
The Value of Life
When God Cleans House
When You Pray
365 Days of Christmas: God IN Us
365 Days of Christmas: God For Us
365 Days of Christmas: God With Us
365 Days of Christmas: God Came to Us
A Light in Darkness
The Perfect Plan
What America Needs Most
Election 2016: What is a Christian To Do?
Sanctified Stewardship: The Fullness of the Time
Sanctified Stewardship: Redeeming The Time
Sanctified Stewardship: Talent in the Typical
Sanctified Stewardship: Talent with a Twist
Sanctified Stewardship: Generosity Trusts in a Big God
Sanctified Stewardship: Generosity Flows From Mission
Sanctified Stewardship: God Loves a Cheerful Giver
All Fired Up
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 116
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 118
Help is on the Way
Better Together
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 19
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 96
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 119
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 121
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 23
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 40
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 150
Missionary Mythbusters
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 90
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 13
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 136
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 69
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 46
Summer of Psalms: Psalm 1
Jesus is Greater: Unchanged! Part 2
Jesus is Greater: Unchanged!
Jesus is Greater: Run the Race
Jesus is Greater: The Hall of Faith
Jesus is Greater: Living With Confidence
The Great Peace of the Great Shepherd
Jesus is Greater Than Any Sacrifice
Jesus is Greater Than Any High Priest
Jesus is Greater Than Moses
Jesus is Greater Than: Angels
Jesus is Greater Than
Rust Never Sleeps: James 5
Rust Never Sleeps: James 4
The Song Remains the Same
Rust Never Sleeps: James 3
Rust Never Sleeps: James 2
Rust Never Sleeps: James 1
Our Calling
The Hands of Time
The Child Born to Us: Prince of Peace
The Child Born to Us: Eternal Father
The Child Born to Us: Mighty God
The Child Born to Us: Wonderful Counselor
7th, 9th, & 10th Commandments
God’s Top 10: Speak the Truth!
God’s Top 10: You Shall Not Commit Adultery
God’s Top 10: You Shall Not Murder
God’s Top 10: Honor Your Father and Mother
God’s Top 10: Remember the Sabbath
God’s Top 10: The Use of His Name
Making Sense of the Senseless
God’s Top 10: The First Commandment
God's Top 10
A Divine 'Honey-Do' List
Do Not Fear
Ruth: Hope in Redemption
The Sure Prophetic Word
Ruth: Hope in Petition
Ruth: Hope in Providence
Ruth: Hope in Suffering
The Little Johns: What is the Church to Look Like? - 07-19-2015
The Little Johns: Death to 'I Think So'
The Little Johns: Confidence in What We Know
Victory is in the Eye of the Beholder
The Little Johns: What is Love?
The Little Johns: Test the Spirits
The Little Johns: The Significance of Love
The Little Johns: Three Words to Live By
The Little Johns: Walking in the Light
The Little Johns: Living in the Light
Learning from the Daughters of Zelophehad
The Neglected Book: The Appeal
The Neglected Book: The Enemies
The Neglected Book: The Faith
Encounter: The Smell That Wasn't
Encounter: We Have Seen the Lord!
Good Friday: The Great Exchange
Encounter: The Touch of the Lord
Encounter: Hearing God Through His Word
Encounter: Tasting the Lord's Goodness
Walking on Thick Ice
Receive Your Inheritance
God at Work in Our Work
God's Word for Life
A Life of Eternal Significance: Talent
A Life of Eternal Significance: Treasure (Part 2)
A Life of Eternal Significance: Treasure (Part 1)
A Life of Eternal Significance: Time
Running Into The New Year
Remembering God's Faithfulness
The Word Became Flesh: The Christ
The Word Became Flesh: The Word
The Word Became Flesh: The Bond-Servant
The Song for Every Age
God's Heart for the Fatherless
Faith in the Fire: Breaking Through
Faith Forged in the Fire
Faith in the Fire: Job
The Gospel Driven Church: A Manual for Church Growth
The Gospel Driven Church: Just What the Doctor Ordered
The Gospel Driven Church: On the Road With Jesus
The Gospel Driven Church: Going
The Gospel Driven Church: Living in Community
The Gospel Driven Church: Growing in the Community
The Gospel Driven Church: Growing in the Savior
The Gospel Driven Church: Knowing the Savior
The Blood of the Lamb
The Fury of the Dragon
Beautiful Worship
Biblical Community
Unmasking the Hypocrite
Questions & Answers
A King's Invitation
Rocks and Roots: Lessons from the Trail
Apocalypse Now (Part Three): Living Right in the End Times
Apocalypse Now (Part Two): Living Right in the End Times
Apocalypse Now (Part One): Living Right in the End Times
Fired Up!
Listening to the King
Walking with the King
Scandalous Grace
Upside Down
Original Intent
The Measure of Success
God's Blueprint: Reconciliation & Forgiveness
Jesus–Not Dead
The Roar of the Crowd & the Coming of the King
Where's the Faith?
Voices Upon the Mountain
The Building Blocks of the Cross
The Original Rocky
Signs of the Times
Table Crumbs
Doing Something-Little by Little
Facing Fearful Circumstances
The King Teaches: Parables - Part 2
The King Teaches: Parables - Part 1
The Hand of God
Condition of the Heart
Lord of the Sabbath
Responding to the King Part 2
Responding to the King Part 1
Instructions for Trouble
The Heart Broken
All The King's Men
What Really Counts!
The King's Compassion
The Faith of a Friend
Who's in Charge?
Healing the Broken
Manifesto of the King: Warnings
Manifesto of the King: The Disciple's Way
Manifesto of the King: Treasure
Manifesto of the King: Piety
Manifesto of the King: Pure
Importance of Prayer
Manifesto of the King: Radical - 09-15-2013
The Manifesto of the King: Shine!
The Manifesto of the King: Blessed
Beautiful Feet In Tousaint
One Little Gem
Coming Down the Mountain
How God's Reign Broke Into History
The Temptation of Jesus
Down by the River
The Evidence of God's Grace
On Our Knees
John the Baptist: Road Construction Ahead
Tears In Bethlehem
How to "Fix" Your Spouse
Invitation by a Star
Talk of the Town
The King and the Family Tree
Matthew: The Book of the King
Rahab's Cord
Follow the Leader
Responding to "The New Normal" Part 2
Responding to "The New Normal"
A Heart for Haiti
Perfection Personified
Pictures of Jesus
An Interview: Following
What the World Needs Now Are Heroes
Ministry's Door
The Lord Will Provide
The Power of One: God's Design for Sexual Intimacy
The Power of One: Fireproof Your Marriage
Divine Math: When One Plus One Equals One
The Power of One: No More Monkey Business
Every Hand Tells a Story
Amazed at the Greatness of God
Setting Course
What is your
Knowing The Time
The Jesus Scrapbook: An Amazing 12 Year Old!
The Faces of Sandy Hook
The Jesus Scrapbook: At 8 and 40 Days
The Jesus Scrapbook: Mary's Lullaby
Jonah the Wrestler: Lessons from Warmth, Worm, and Wind
Jonah the Preacher: A Man of Few Words
Jonah the Prayer: From Frying Pan to the Fire
Jonah the Runner: Running in the Storm
For Such a Time as This 2
For Such a Time as This
Blinded by the Light
Passing the Baton
Redeemed How I Love To Proclaim It
Bones to Beauty
The Good Shepherd
Galatia and the Three Bears
Get Your Joy On
Truth In This Culture
Contending vs Compromising
Mission Central
Run That You May Win
The Dark Knight Amongst Us
Be Ready
Cool Under Fire
Steady in the Storm
Seeing in the Storm
A Father's Wisdom
Service with a Smile
The Things We Do For Love
The Heart Remembers
Be Thou My Vision
Mom Knows Best
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Half Past Midnight
Got Milk?
A Heart of Courage
True Value: What Makes A Child Great
True Value: As For Meand My House
The Heartbeat of Evangelism
The Half-Used God
The Half-Known God
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Part 2)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Stepping from the Boat
The Divine Architect of Life (Part 2)
The Divine Architect of Life
Worship: You Have Questions, We Have Answers
Core Conditioning
True Value: Pieces of Worship (Part 2)
True Value: Pieces of Worship
The Prayer of Bartimaeus
Pisgah's Prayer
True Value: Prayer
The Amazing Race
Do Not Fear; Rejoice Always
Medal of Honor
Father Abraham: Full Speed on the First 4G Network
100% Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back
Fight the Good Fight
Super Size Me
A Divine Partnership
The Jesus Connection
A Real God Worthy of Real Praise
A Ten-Course-Meal of Ministry
Crystal Clear and Static Free
Knowing the I AM