Personal Worship
How To Study God's Word

How do I have a personal worship/devotional time?

What you need:
 - Bible  
 - Notebook and Pen  
 - 15 minutes  
 - A quiet place

Four easy steps:

1. Pray. Begin with a brief prayer asking God to help you focus during this time of reading and to teach you from His Word.

2. Read. Brief and consistent is better than lengthy and inconsistent. Many people get discouraged with their devotional life when they set goals that are too difficult to keep up. We encourage you to start out with a very achievable goal and work your way up to more reading. One or two chapters a day is a great goal to start with!

Here are some ideas:
Choose one of the following books (Gospel of John or Luke, Acts, Colossians, or Philippians) and start working your way through them by reading one chapter a day. Once you feel like you can handle that one chapter, start reading an additional chapter from the book of Psalms. In this way you will be reading one chapter from the New Testament and one chapter from the Old Testament.

3. Journal. We all have had the experience of reading our Bibles and immediately forgetting everything we read. One of the best ways to gain more from your reading is to right down one main thought you want to take away from your reading. It doesn’t have to be deep and it doesn’t have to be long. Even a single sentence is better than nothing. Keep a journal, write the date, the Scripture passage, and your take-away.

4. Pray. Close your time in prayer and ask God to help you believe and apply this truth to your life.

Additional tools for personal study:
- The Lutheran Study Bible 
- Application Questions:
    - What does this teach me about God’s righteousness?
    - What does this teach me about God’s love and grace?
    - What does this teach me about my sinfulness?
    - How does this teach me to view God and those around me?
    - What promises are there here for me to believe?
    - What commands are there here for me to follow?