Resolutions You Can Keep
February Sermon Series
Join us in our current sermon series entitled "Resolutions You Can Keep" which will highlight 3 spiritual resolutions/goals that we are setting forth to our congregation. Each message in the series will include a resolution

1. I Will Listen.
Week 1 Resolution -I hereby RESOLVE that I will listen to God as He speaks to me through His word. But to listen I must first read. I will read one chapter of the Bible DAILY, use Saturday to either catch up, read ahead, or review, and read a Psalm on Sunday. Every day I will be in God’s word beginning today!

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2. I Will Participate.
Week 2 Resolution - I hereby RESOLVE that I will participate in the community of faith as established in the Bible as the local church. The best place to start this participation is to regularly worship as a family, and beginning today I will do so EVERY Sunday each month. And on a Sunday where attendance here is not possible (illness, vacation, travel) I will worship in another congregation or set aside time for family worship in my home.

Check out our resources for PERSONAL and FAMILY worship.

3. I Will Tell. Part 1
Week 3 Resolution - I hereby resolve that I will TELL of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and of His work of mercy in my own life. This “telling” will begin first in PRAYING for at least ONE individual in my sphere of influence who needs to know the Lord, and then in INVITING them to worship with me. And then, as opportunity presents itself, in SHARING with them the hope that lives in me because of Jesus.

3. I Will Tell. Part 2
Week 4 Questions - Who is the Lord calling me to pray for their salvation? How can you keep them in your prayers (idea: write their names on a sticky note and hang it on your bathroom mirror, pray for them as you get ready for the day)?

Who has the Lord placed in my life for me to be the mouthpiece of His mercy and grace?

What are two ways I can intentionally build relationships with these unbelievers (dinner, game night, sports, bbq, hiking, etc)?

What practical steps can I take in the next month to have a spiritual conversation with these individuals? What questions should I ask them?

What do I know will be most challenging about doing this?