With Abiding Savior

1) What is the vision of the worship ministry at Abiding Savior?

Our services at Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church are intended to be:

  1. God-centered
  2. Biblically informed
  3. Gospel-wrought
  4. Congregational
  5. Missional

2) What are we doing to accomplish this vision?

God’s glory is our purpose (God-Centered) as we enter into each new week of planning with prayer, seeking the Holy Spirit’s leading and direction for the service.  We pray and strive for the Word of God (Biblically informed) and the gospel of Jesus Christ (Gospel-wrought) to shape all of our practices within our entire worship service.

We pray each church attender faces the reality of our standing under the Law of God, and that we are constantly reminded of our need for Christ’s redeeming work in our lives.  As we are reminded of our depravity before the Holy One of heaven, we confess our standing before God and are reminded throughout Scriptures that Jesus Christ came to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10) but He does not leave us dead in our trespasses and sins (Eph. 2:4-10)!

This good news of Jesus Christ is presented to the church body within our services through a consistent liturgy, which includes:

  1. Adoration (recognition of God's greatness and grace)
  2. Confession (acknowledgement of our sin and need for grace)
  3. Assurance (affirmation of God's provision of grace)
  4. Thanksgiving (expression of praise and thanks for God's grace)
  5. Offerings (bringing our tithe to God out of response to His goodness)
  6. Petition and Intercession     (expression of dependence on God's grace)
  7. Instruction (acquiring the knowledge to grow in grace)
  8. Communion/Fellowship       (celebrating the grace of union with Christ and his people)
  9. Benediction or Blessing       (living for and in the light of God's grace)

Much attention can and has been drawn to the tool of music in the aiding our worship of God.  Society can fight wars within the church of “how to do worship” properly, by my goal as worship director here at Abiding Savior is to use the tool of music to the best of our ability with excellence in aiding our worship response to God’s grace.  We rehearse regularly with diligence and with purpose. However, if the focus becomes only about how wonderful the music is or how talented the musicians are, we have created the idolatry of music itself even within our own church body.  

Our approach at Abiding Savior allows for inclusion among our church body to use the musical and technical gifts unto the Lord as a thanksgiving offering as well as to edify the church body (congregational).  Songs are selected prayerfully, not necessarily by listening to the radio to see which songs culture is singing, but by combing over as many resources as I can (there are hundreds!!) to select a list of songs that teach proper theology and are sung easily together.  In the past few years we have narrowed our list of new songs presented to the church, and continued to put an emphasis on singing quality songs of the past.

As the church body is fed a healthy liturgy, we are sent out on a mission (missional) in Jesus’ name to fulfill the great commission in every aspect of our lives as we leave the sanctuary each week.  We leave reminded of God’s goodness to us that we are adopted as children of the King and are sent out to reach those who have yet to know God in a personal way through His son Jesus Christ. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

Mike Borg
Director of Worship
Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church

To get involved or for more information about the Worship and Arts ministry at Abiding Savior, please contact Mike Borg by calling the church office at 605-371-3800 or by emailing him.